Michael DaCorta Found Guilty On All Counts For Perpetrating Oasis Fraud

Earlier today, May 4, 2022, a jury empaneled by the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida found Michael DaCorta guilty of all charges against him in connection with his operation of Oasis International Group, Ltd. and related entities as a massive fraud. On December 17, 2019, a federal grand jury indicted DaCorta on one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and mail fraud and one count of engaging in an illegal monetary transaction. On February 18, 2021, the grand jury returned a superseding indictment, which added a third count for making a false and fraudulent statement on an income tax return.

DaCorta’s criminal trial began on April 18, 2022. After more than two weeks of testimony and argument, the jury began its deliberations this morning but required less than four hours to find DaCorta guilty on all counts. While DaCorta was not immediately taken into custody, he faces a lengthy imprisonment. His sentencing will occur through a separate proceeding, and the Receiver will make interested parties aware of that proceeding through future communications. Please monitor this site – www.oasisreceivership.com.

Certain individuals associated with DaCorta have repeatedly attempted to frustrate the Receiver’s activities by insisting that DaCorta was innocent of any wrongdoing and ghostwriting briefs on his behalf, despite a guilty plea to similar charges years earlier by Oasis co-owner and DaCorta co-conspirator Joseph Anile, III. The individuals made these assertions both informally in communications with other investors and formally in communications with the court presiding over the CFTC enforcement action underlying the Receivership. The jury’s speedy and unanimous verdict on all counts should put an end to any doubt about DaCorta’s culpability.

John Paniagua, Kevin Johnson, and Jason McKee testified on DaCorta’s behalf. In an abundance of fairness, the Receiver will not attempt to characterize their testimony, but he hopes to make transcripts available to all interested parties. Please monitor the Receivership website. Nevertheless, the Receiver believes claimants and others should be aware of these individuals’ activities. For example, the Receiver is in possession of documents indicating that Jason McKee is associated with “The Oasis Helper Group.” From the Receiver’s perspective, that group has not fulfilled the promise of its name.

In light of the jury’s verdict, the Receiver is moving quickly to begin distributions to claimants with approved claims and to combat further misinformation from DaCorta and others who have attempted to impede the administration of the Receivership.